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If you have some unused domain collecting dust in your registrar account, you can set them to be parked with us and earn money with them easily

How it works?
When you park your domain with us, you get an exact copy of this website directory, including pages, images, download links, and everything showing from your own domain.

Your parked website will include your own Gusme.ID protecting items to be downloaded, this means that if a visitor to your website registers a new Gusme.ID it will be counted under your own referral link and stored as referred by you for future upgrades.

The Gusme.ID protects our content, and yours. And even most of our content is available for free, the Gusme.ID also works for others websites where a Premium ID is needed.

So if the user that signed up following your referral link decides later to upgrade his ID to a Premium status to access premium resources from other sites, you will receive the partner commision in your Gusme.ID account, even if you (or us) are not offering any Premium content at all.
Sounds great, right?

Note: We suggest to park domains related to webmaster, hosting, web design, wordpress, themes, templates, plugins or similar. We reserve the right to reject domains to be parked that do not match these niches.

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